Best show ever

Having just returned from the Pavilion Theatre I am compelled to write this letter to congratulate all the children and school staff that took part in Dancetime.

The children that performed were an inspiration and the standards were high.

They were so well-rehearsed and so professional.

They all looked to be really enjoying themselves and were so proud of their achievements; a great self-esteem boost for all those involved.

The event was very well supported and it was great to see the theatre so full.

These school events are obviously the way forward for our local theatres to ensure they stay current and viable in these difficult financial times.

So, hopefully, the new general manager will ensure local schools/community projects feature heavily in the future of our local theatres, after all, proud parents are always willing to pay for a ticket to watch their children perform, especially when the performance is so professionally managed by the theatre’s staff.

It was also an event that highlighted the talent of our local teachers and school staff.

Those working in education very often get bad press but Dancetime was an occasion to celebrate the talented and creative people involved in our children’s school lives!

I know it may sound corny, but the children involved in this production are our future and we must continue to invest in them and support them within our local community.

It was the best trip I’ve had to the theatre in a while. Well done to all those involved.

Amanda Parkin

Compton Avenue