Better in Brighton

IF it is correct that Stagecoach is going to cancel the No.7 bus route, it will mean that Sainsbury’s at Lyon’s Farm will be served by only one route – the Compass No.16.

Presumably, many of the No.7 passengers will switch to using the No.16. It is difficult to see how this will cope with an increase as it is a smaller bus and it only runs hourly – unlike the No.7 which is half hourly.

It was interesting to read an On Route magazine from Brighton & Hove buses, in which they state that they have recruited 40 new bus drivers to cover the boom in their bus frequencies.

They say that eight out of 10 bus journeys in the city are on routes where the frequency is 10 minutes or less.

For the past couple of weeks, I have had to go to The Royal Sussex Hospital in Brighton. After catching our pathetic once-hourly bus to the town, I was able to get an “every 10 minutes” 700 to Brighton and another equally frequent No.1 to the hospital.

Perhaps we had all better move to Brighton where they have a decent bus service.

Rosemary Dinning

Russell Close