‘Big boys’ do cry

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ON Saturday, I took part in a collection being conducted by the Fleet Air Arm Association at the Holmbush shopping centre, Shoreham.

I am part of the REME Association, but our association is not licensed to collect, so we joined forces with the FAAA. The collection was for St Dunstan’s at Ovingdean.

A mother exited the famous retail store, with a green logo, with two small boys aged about seven and four. The older boy approached me and deposited a handful of coins into my collection tin and politely requested two stickers, one for his brother and one for him. I duly obliged with two stickers.

He carefully pressed the first sticker onto his younger brother’s shirt, then the second onto him.

Nothing unusual about this, you may think, but yes there was.

His mother informed me that the money was the last of his week’s pocket money.

Who said men can’t get emotional. I certainly did.

Roger Cross

Wantley Road

Findon Valley