‘Big thank-you’

I would like to say a big well done and thank-you to Mary McKeown of the Friends of Broadwater & Worthing Cemetery (FBWC).

Mary commissioned a long overdue and fitting memorial to be erected in Broadwater cemetery to mark the sad deaths from typhoid, in 1893, of numerous Worthing folk.

The memorial was purchased for the cemetery by the Co-operative Funeral Services. Mary has worked tirelessly to research the lives of many of these folk and she was joined at the unveiling by relatives of some of those victims. Mary took more than 70 people on a tour of the known graves and gave a wonderful insight into the victims lives.

Her tour was brilliant and her research continues.

The cemetery is a beautiful, tranquil place now, thanks to the work of the Friends, and you can visit on any day, but Mary Mc Keown will also be doing two ‘general’ additional tours on Sunday, August 4, and Sunday, September 1, at 2pm. Tours are free and start by the chapels in South Farm Road, and I know Mary will be pleased to see you there.

Sally Roberts

Wiston Avenue