Blame the players

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I AM getting totally fed up with Harty’s continual criticism of Fabio Cappello, the England soccer coach.

It is very easy to blame the manager for the failings of any football team but even Harty must realise by now the fault lies with the players because they are not good enough!

Fabio Cappello has one of the highest ratings as a football coach in the world.

Certainly no English manager comes anywhere near his qualifications.

The problem lies with the system that the players have to cope with in the English domestic programme. As far as I am aware, we are the only European country that has no winter break in the season and there are far too many foriegn players, particularly in the Premier League.

No, Harty, the fault lies in the sheer greed of the Premier League management to soak up as much money as possible from TV rights, etc., and perhaps we should have a rule like county cricket where there are a maximum of three foriegn players allowed in any team.

In addition, encouragement must be given to all domestic clubs to promote a strong football academy within their club to bring forward hidden talent in this country of 60 million population.

L.C.N. Griffiths

Peregrine Road