Blast from Blackadder

LORD Blackadder: “Baldrick, we have a serious problem, another good restaurant has closed to add to the dozens of other shops and restaurants. I fear Worthing is a dying town and we shall have to move out”

Baldrick: “Never fear, my Lord, for I have a cunning plan. We will expand the controlled parking zone”

Lord Blackadder: “But Baldrick, surely that will simply drive more people away from the town?”

Baldrick: “Yes, my Lord, it will, but that is why my plan is so cunning. With all the shops and restaurants which will close down, it will open up even more opportunities for Tesco to open up. Just imagine, my Lord, we could have whole streets full of Tesco Express shops. The council will be so happy.”

Former US president Thomas Jefferson once said: “The government you get is the government you deserve”, and I guess the same applies to local councils, so what on earth have we done to deserve this lot?

D. Price

Poulters Lane