‘Blind to reality’

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Your letters

Now the ridiculous traffic lights, at the Grove Lodge round-a-bout are back on the endless congestion has been re-created. Once again, the powers that be are blind to common sense and reality.

During the periods the lights were off there were no traffic queues and traffic flowed freely and sensibly.

It is a matter of great frustration to drivers when they are held up needlessly at three in the morning because the traffic lights are against them and they are the only vehicle in sight in any direction. The motorist in the Worthing area is so often subjected to town and county traffic planners’ stupidity. They are times when because of the lack of proper co-ordination by the traffic departments people living in Worthing are subjected to holdups on virtually all roads leading out of town.

It is time the town and county traffic department employed some professionals, as the current incumbents are woefully inadequate.

Chris Lintern

St George’s Road,


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