Blue badge delays

WITH regard to the delays in people getting blue disabled badges, I sent off all necessary documents to West Sussex County Council (WSCC) eight weeks ahead of the expiry date of my blue badge to get a new one.

Having not received it a week before, I phoned WSCC and was told there were delays and to appeal against any parking charge notice I received in the meantime

This I did, having fixed to the windscreen the expired one plus a note to say I was waiting for the new one in the post.My appeal was rejected with the note “Your vehicle was parked on a waiting restriction...” in relation to applying for a new disabled badge, however, please be advised that I deem that the circumstances described (q.v.) do not negate the contravention...’

I have now been told that (a) WSCC cannot help and (b) to wait for 28 days to pass until the fine has doubled before I make a second appeal

What a nice little money-spinner these guys are onto.

And what a wonderful way to waste everybody’s time and justify a few dozen bureaucrat’s salaries. Can’t they even speak to each other?

Sylvia Bolus

West Hill

High Salvington