Blue-badge misuse

THE use, or rather misuse, of the blue badge permit is completely out of control.

Some of these permit holders are selfish in the extreme, having no consideration for other road users.

This week, there were three cars parked on double yellows (of course) right outside Lloyd’s Bank in Liverpool Road/South Street, giving heavy goods vehicles only inches of spare room as they manoeuvre that tight bend from Chapel Road into Liverpool Road.

While watching such an occasion, a man calmly walked to one of the parked cars, opened the boot put some shopping in then went off to do some more.

This man, in his 50s, was perfectly fit and was obviously misusing the badge because he was too idle or mean to put his vehicle in a car park.

Such areas as the one mentioned above should ban ALL parking where to do so inconveniences other road users. This would be very simple to do as all that needs to be done is to spray red paint between the yellow lines to indicate this area is 100 per cent no parking.

W. Barnham

Milton Street