‘Boring old cliché’ being parroted

HARTY is at it again!

In his column on May 3, he opened with a comment on the French, using the phrase “For all their many faults”.

At a stroke he maligns the reputation of 65 million people.

Sadly, it is very common for English people to denigrate the French, something I just cannot fathom and certainly disagree with.

I would like to think that Harty was not entirely serious, and was parroting a boring old cliché about our near neighbours. However, he ought to ponder on whether a similar comment would be acceptable were it directed at Pakistanis, Chinese or the Irish.

I am sure that Ian would agree that racism is abhorrent and with that in mind I would urge him to choose his words more carefully.

If he really feels that the French are so bad I challenge him to give us his evidence and we can have a debate.

PS: I do not always disagree with Harty, he was spot on about John Terry in his recent Sport column.

Bill Geddes

Lansdowne Road