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Your letters
Your letters

In response to Roger Berlin regarding careless cyclists, I would like to make several points:

1. Many cyclists also drive a vehicle, therefore paying for the upkeep of the roads.

2. You state that there are incompetent motorists on the roads who will be fined or lose their licence if caught making a mistake. Please remember that cars, vans etc., are lethal weapons.

3. Your car has been scratched badly twice by cyclists passing you on the inside. Your car should be positioned one metre from the kerb, so you should move over and use your wing mirrors.

4. Don’t tar all cyclists with the same brush. I am a cyclist and motorist, and yes, there are idiot cyclists, but there are far more idiot drivers, believe me. Every day, I see dozens of drivers using their phones while driving.

Damian Evans

Nutley Crescent


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