Bowling alley fears

WORTHING’S Liberal Democrats are really concerned about the possible closure of the AMF bowling alley and the consequent loss to the town of a long-term, well- used and respected leisure facility.

We are constantly hearing that young people in Worthing have “nothing to do” and this is one facility which does provide a safe and healthy answer.

Unfortunately, in these grim economic times, Worthing is providing less and less answers to people’s needs of all ages – we cite the loss of Peter Pan’s playground and the well-loved paddling pool as examples.

The town is itself becoming grim.

Yet, while we see the necessity of donning hair shirts, we as a party will do our best to ease the pain and make the town less grim.

We respect the need to make “commercial decisions” but commercial decisions have to be the right ones.

The reason we are in the current mess are the banks made the wrong commercial decisions.

We are disappointed the council has not acted in a responsible commercial manner in respect of the bowling alley – no rent review for the past 20 years and then expecting the reported 300 per cent increase all in one go.

There is a transparent need for the council to shape-up here, and in so many other areas.

We are happy to offer our services as a broker between the council and AMF, explore all avenues and do our utmost to save the bowling alley.

Alan Rice

Worthing Borough Council Liberal Democrat group leader

Woodlea Road