Brilliant Southlands

I’D just like to thank, through your pages, the consultants, doctors and all of the staff at Southlands Hospital following my recent surgery.

We hear almost nothing but bad news about the NHS these days: dirty hospitals, incompetent staff and bungled procedures.

I’d like to go on record as saying that my experience was totally positive throughout.

Mr Miles and his team who carried out my operation were total professionals in the best possible tradition of the medical profession, and all the staff who dealt with me, from the nurses to the orderlies, were cheerful, efficient and compassionate.

The hospital was scrupulously clean and entirely well-run in what I’m sure are challenging times.

Without wanting to get “political” I think we in this country should be proud of our NHS and do everything that we can to protect and defend it.

Having lived in the USA for 20 years, where my surgery would have no doubt cost me several thousand dollars, I know how valuable our National Health Service really is and how often we take it for granted.

Well done to one and all at Southlands. Nobody looks forward to a spell in hospital, but I couldn’t have asked for better.

Mark Perry Nash

Hanover Walk