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Your letters
Your letters

In response to Flooding Fiasco from John Ellis (November 13) all the money spent on part of the A24 at Findon has never worked correctly for the following reasons.

Having spent a great deal of my life in and around Findon, when I was a boy in the 1960s and 70s, we had a villager who was employed by the council to keep the village tidy.

He had his own barrow, shovel and broom which was kept in the ‘dallyhole’ near to where the garden centre is presently situated.

He knew where all the low spots were in and around the village and kept the drains clear most of the time.

The machine now used places most of the blockaging on the verge! So what happens to it? Yes, it washes back into the drain!

Bring back the village roadsweeper.

Barry Butterfield

Offington Lane


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