Brooklands Park golf course closure takes away chance for future generations to start playing

Brooklands Park
Brooklands Park

We have been following the debacle of the Brooklands par-three golf course ever since it closed – with Worthing Borough Council promising to restore the course as it used to be before wind farm days, and having doubts about that fact.

As grandparents who have two grandsons now aged 26 (one is five weeks older than the other), we have always been involved in their lives, starting off with football, cricket, fishing, then to golf, which they really enjoy.

They, and some of their friends, started off at Brooklands and gradually learned to play, learn the etiquette and sportsmanship that the game teaches them.

We firmly believe that learning all the rules has helped make them the happy, well-liked, and confident young men that they have become over the years.

Brooklands golf played it’s part in developing all of this and it is very sad that Worthing Borough Council will not be giving future generations the chance to start to play.

While I agree that facilities for the youngsters are important, I believe golf has a part to play in the next generation upcoming.

As you have probably gathered, we are very proud of all our grandchildren (five granddaughters as well, who might want to take up the sport), but this opportunity is being taken away from them even though Worthing Borough Council had pledged to restore it.

Councillor Crouch, you may be looking after the environment for the council but please think further ahead. There are many who have started at Brooklands golf who would love to go back and practice instead of travelling to other more expensive golf clubs around Worthing.

Yes, Mr Crouch, you can say that the train is polluting the atmosphere – but that doesn’t apply to a par-3 golf course. Give the youth of today a Chance.

Margaret & Ron Atkins

Romany Road, Worthing


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