Buggies aren’t cars

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SIR, it was with great sadness I read in last week’s Herald about the theft of buggies in the town. Words fail to express my disgust and sickening horror that anyone could do commit an evil act, no doubt for money.

These buggies often offer a lifeline for those of us who are disabled, mostly the elderly it’s true, but not always. Whoever was involved in this evil theft should face a very long, lonely time in jail.

However, last Friday I was in a car coming onto the A27 after visiting the M&S store. My driver and I were amazed to see an old man in a buggy, drive across the carriage way to cross the road.

Instead of using the correct crossing, he drove in full view of other vehicles and drivers across the A27 as if he were entitled to do so instead of using the pedestrian crossings. This is not the first time I’ve seen a buggy driver use the road as if they are entitled to. They are not, they pay no insurance or road tax, their vehicles are too slow to be negotiating busy roads. Also, some of them use the cycle paths on the side of busy roads, as if they are entitled to do so, again, they are not, these are for cyclists.

The correct place for them is the pathways. No-one, and no doubt even the police want to make a big thing of this I’m sure, however, those who use buggies need to know that they are placing other road users in peril if they do not comply with the law. This criticism does not detract from the original point made concerning the theft of such useful and often life-saving vehicles. But the users must abide by the law of the land, the same as the rest of us.

Mrs P Law

Downview Road

West Worthing