Buggy confusion

I WOULD like to thank Joan Wade for telling us all about the various classes of buggies (Herald letters).

There seems to be general confusion regarding the use of buggies on the roads. I have spoken to five different friends regarding their type of buggy, they are without exemption as confused as me.

All this talk about class of buggies still gets away from my original complaint about buggy drivers taking amazing liberties. Far too often, drivers are using the roads as if it were a right, again I say, it is not.

They can be dangerous. Most of the buggies should stick to driving on the pavements, and then with extreme care. I would further like to clear something up about the accusation that I am taking a cheap shot at the disabled, well I am registered as severely disabled myself, so that’s a non-starter.

No-one wants to deprive the many people of the use of their buggies. What I am stressing is that from what I’ve seen on Worthing roads, there are some nasty accidents waiting to happen because buggy users are acting, all too often, in a reckless manner.

Patricia Law

Downview Road

West Worthing