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Your letters

I read with interest the article by Tim Loughton asking residents to sign the petition in support of the bypass.

Quite frankly, this bypass should have been built many years ago.

If we stop our current politicians squandering our money we can easily afford the cost of building this bypass, including incorporating a tunnel or tunnels.

The successful Hindhead bypass, which is approximately four miles (6.7 km) long, includes a tunnel which is over a mile long (1.8km).

I estimate that the bypass connecting the Shoreham end to the Angmering end could be approximately 6 to 7 miles.

The final cost of the Hindhead bypass was £371 million or thereabouts.

Even if the cost of the A27 bypass was £600 million, about double that of the Hindhead bypass including incorporating a tunnel or tunnels as part of it, we would be able to afford this in just 12 days if we stopped paying £50 million every day to the EU.

One does not have to be a rocket scientist to work out that we are better off spending our money for the benefit of our country and our people.

The question remains - why is it that the two local Conservative MPs have failed their constituents on this very important issue!

Please remember that we pay at least £15 billion to the EU every year and in addition, we pay out £12 billion in foreign aid.

Let’s stop the current politicians squandering our money and spend it where is urgently needed.

The A27 bypass is urgently needed. Better off out of the EU!

Tim Cross

Worthing West

UK Independence Party

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