Bupa body blow

I WOULD be interested to know the thoughts of any readers who are, like myself, BUPA members and who received two letters from Bupa in December, the second of which advised its members it was terminating its contract with all BMI hospitals with effect from January 1, 2012, because of rising fees, which they consider did not offer their members value for money.

Their intention is to advise members to seek an alternative non-BMI private hospital.

But, in my own case, this is not an option, as I suffer great anxiety with agoraphobia travelling outside my local vicinity.

I have been a long and loyal member of Bupa for 30 years and have been happy to see consultants privately at Goring Hall Hospital over these many years.

This situation is obviously a worry to me, compounded by Bupa giving such short notice of their decision to discontinue their association with BMI hospitals.

They have agreed to honour any current on-going treatment into January, 2012, but thereafter we are left to sort the problem out ourselves, either by:

n agreeing to go to an alternative private hospital in another location, not run by BMI; or

n leaving Bupa and join another private health insurance provider; or pay for treatment in future ourselves.

Frankly, I am surprised that in the current economic climate, BMI and BUPA can afford to lose valuable business.

What do other Bupa members think?

Janet Richards

Wallace Avenue