Bus cuts danger

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WEST Sussex County Council, in cahoots with Worthing Borough Council, is pushing up the price of parking in Worthing, so much so, that on any given day, there are spaces galore.

This leads me to believe that more people will be relying on buses to travel into the town.

Why, then, will bus routes be cut later this year? Oh yes, silly me, because the government is making cuts!

I drive, but not everyone else does and to stop buses running is sheer madness.

If the bowling alley is forced to close and more businesses close because fewer people are attracted into the town, the council will lose more than revenue, they will lose a once vibrant town, they will lose visitors and we’ll be stuck with Tesco stores galore, high-end apartments standing empty and businesses selling nothing.

Worthing, West Sussex and co, think seriously about what you are doing before you murder this town and finally nail the coffin lid shut.

Karen Dow

Walpole Avenue