Buses are brilliant

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I WRITE to compliment the Metro bus system in West Sussex.

It has raised very high standards compared to the inferior and disgraceful Southern Rail.

I have recently changed my commute from Worthing to Horsham every day from the dirty, constantly late and expensive Southern trains to the cleaner, more efficient, surprisingly faster and cheaper Metro bus.

It should be known throughout the land that the buses are becoming the latest craze of transport, just like horse and carts were the craze in 1865.

Our community should reward our hard-working, loyal bus companies with an annual bus award ceremony and positively remember those drivers that have gone that extra mile to make our bus journeys more spectacular and inspiring.

I saw one driver this week help a 90-year-old woman with her shopping bags. He got out of his cab and walked her to her front door. It really raises a smile on a bright July morning.

I am sure many people would agree with me that their local bus is a lifeline to the outside world, that exists beyond their living rooms. It’s a chance to cling onto their freedom that makes their life so much more fulfilled.

Long live Metro buses, especially the number 23 which I rely to commute to work.

Daniel De Conceicao Silva

Heene Road