Bypass is essential

REGARDING the letter from D. Price (Herald, March 10), I fully support these comments.

The issue concerns the vast amount of traffic that now uses the A27 at Worthing and past actions in making improvements to the A27 around Worthing.

I have written on this subject before and MPs Tim Loughton and Peter Bottomley should insist on a new bypass around Worthing from Shoreham to the Arundel Road at Castle Goring.

Scrap the ridiculous High Speed Railway Project (HS2) from London to Birmingham (to save 20 mins!) and use a portion of this money to pay for this extremely important bypass for Worthing.

I must stress that Tim Loughton and Peter Bottomley should not vote for another penny-pinching scheme on the existing A27. If they do, they have failed and let the people of Worthing down.

Peter Knight

Langdale Close