Call time on outlets

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IN Lyndhurst Road, an application for another licensed premises has appeared, almost opposite an existing off-licence in a parade of six shops.

The area is surrounded by booze-selling outlets. Two in Brighton Road, two in Ham Road and three supermarkets are all nearby.

About 40 years ago, Worthing had a policy in place saying “no more nursing homes”, as we were saturated with them. It ran for about six years.

How about putting in place a “no more licensed premises” policy, as we are now saturated with them?

It might help to clean the streets, seafront and Beach House Park of endless drunks. It’s not nice for children to see tin cans lying everywhere.

If all the licensed venues had to pay £1,000 for every hour after midnight they were open, it would pay for extra policing and A&E, where some of their customers clog up the departments.

S. Tamplin

Church Walk