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Your letters

The article in the April 9 copy of the Worthing Herald about the sale and use of ‘legal highs’ illustrates yet again the importance of the issue regarding the decriminalisation of cannabis.

Research in the USA has produced a safe form of cannabis which is low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, which is the ‘high’ inducing element) and high in cannabidiol (CBD, which is the pain relieving element), with the result that to the best of my belief at least 21 states have now decriminalised cannabis. It is mainly used to successfully relieve the chronic pain suffered by those with conditions such as multiple sclerosis but, as we read, it is also used by people for other similarly debilitating conditions, whether temporary or permanent.

It seems grossly unfair to me to make criminals of those who seek only to escape the utter misery of daily pain when it is possible to make available (on a ‘prescription only’ basis if preferred) a safe and effective form of this much maligned drug.

Perhaps we should make criminals of those who deliberately choose to withhold it.

This problem is not going to go away – we cannot continue to bury our heads in the sand. Then, perhaps, the attraction of these more recent and innocent-looking products will diminish.

Judith Wilson

Willow Crescent


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