Cannot fault the service at A&E

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Your letters

ON the evening of Tuesday, January 20, I had to visit the A&E department at Worthing Hospital and I am very grateful to that department.

My partner walked me up there, as we live fairly close, and I would not have an ambulance pick me up as they have far more urgent work to deal with.

I could not breathe properly, and was coughing a great deal.

When we entered A&E, I was dealt with quickly and efficiently and with care by the reception team and triage nurse.

I know I had to wait an hour to see the doctor, as they were quite busy, but when I hurt my chest with the coughing, my partner went to see a nurse and I was taken straight in.

After seeing the doctor and having a chest X-ray, I was told I had a sinus infection, also a throat infection and chest infection.

I was not hospitalised, but I was given the proper treatment and tablets for my conditions.

I cannot fault the A&E department at Worthing Hospital for all they did for me and all they do for everyone.

We need to keep that department, and I for one will be backing any proposal which will keep the A&E going.

They do a difficult job, sometimes under great stress, but they keep going, so let’s do all we can for them as well.

Mr R. Harman

Brighton Road


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