Cars parked illicitly?

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ON a recent Sunday stroll from my home near the Thomas A’Becket to the town centre, I counted 54 cars with two wheels on the pavement.

Isn’t that an illegal practice?

At least half a dozen had more car overlapping the pavement than covering the road, making it difficult for cyclists to get through.

Shame on them!

But I mustn’t get upset and have to accept we live in a lawless society.

Thankfully and creditably, my fellow residents of Highdown Avenue have too much intelligence and selflessness to have ever practised this unlawful, untidy, dangerous, inconsiderate and unnecessary habit.

But just a thought – if Dave were to instruct the appropriate authorities to impose a nominal fine of, say, £25 nationwide, surely the country’s deficit would be wiped off in a matter of months.

Brian Wiggins

Highdown Avenue