Cemetery dismay

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Your letters

I visited Durrington Cemetery on Sunday to lay some flowers on relatives grave – and I was appalled and dismayed at the state it is in.

Weeds plants and grass in some places were above my waist height ( I am 5ft 4ins ). Some areas had been strimmed – not many I might add, but the grass and weeds had been left laying over the gravestones. I met a couple who had travelled quite a distance to visit a grave – and they had to cut down the grass around the grave they were visiting to get to the headstone – something they found quite distressing .

Come on Worthing Borough Council – shame on you allowing what should be a quiet haven for folks to visit their loved ones – turn into an overgrown jungle.

You as a council are very quick to tell folks what tributes they can and cannot put on graves and in some cases remove the tributes – how about re-directing that energy into clearing the overgrown jungle.

Doreen Northeast

Singleton Crescent


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