Centre staff ‘lovely’

I JUST wanted to share my experience to show that there are still some caring, considerate and helpful people around.

On Saturday, January 15, myself, my mum and my two children, Callum, aged eight, and Maddie, four, went to see the ice show Energia at the Brighton Centre.

Callum was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome (high functioning autism) when he was three and a half and sometimes finds it hard to go to noisy, busy places.

Unfortunately, because of the loudness of the show, I had to take Callum out.

I would just like to say a big thank-you to the manageress and her staff of the south balcony restaurant for the care and concern they gave Callum. They were so good to us and let us sit in the restaurant and wait for the show to finish so that my mum and Maddie could stay and enjoy it.

They also supplied Callum with refreshments to make his visit seem a little easier.

The manageress even went off to find some ear plugs to try to get Callum to go back and watch the show.

They were so good to him and me and made us feel very welcome.

I just wanted to let people know what lovely staff they have employed at the Brighton Centre and that they are in no way judgmental or discriminate against any disability you may have.

Nicky Durrant (Callum’s mum)

Marlowe Road