Change for the best

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I WOULD like to take Mr Allen of Millhill to task regarding his comments on the Widewater Lagoon. If it was tidal I would agree with him, but as it is not I totally disagree.

When I first moved here more than 14 years ago, the lagoon was left to take care of itself. In the summer it used to practically dry out. The wading birds he speaks of could not find any food. The sides of the lagoon were caked with salt from the dried out water. The exposed vegetation died and smelled to high heaven. Flies were in abundance, maybe mosquitoes, who knows, and all sorts of nastiest.

Since the water has been controlled, and those who are responsible do a very good job, we have all sorts of bird life. Egrets, various wild ducks, Cormorants, gulls and migratory wild birds in the winter. Also there are crabs which the gulls hunt for and the occasional eel goes swimming by.

It is well known to many photographers, I often see them squatting down over the other side waiting to capture the wildlife as they settle after doing their fishing, either out to sea or in the lagoon itself.

Maybe the ecology has changed a little, but I can assure him it has been for the best.

Maybe his thinking is a little skewed, you have to live here to appreciate how much better the Widewater Lagoon is now, as to what it was then.

Rowland Nuttall

Brighton Road