Change: it is your choice

Regarding the letter from Graham Forshaw (Herald, January 6 and 16), the editor must have thought it important, to have printed the same letter for two consecutive weeks.

I will leave it for a busy councillor to answer the remarks about reducing ward councillors, and I believe the main reason for rotation of councillors for election is to ensure a consistent nucleus of experienced councillors.

Each elected councillor still serves for four years.

The rotation also allows minority parties, with fewer resources and members, to give their full support to each candidate standing for election.

I am pleased that Graham welcomes change.

I would suggest that the real ‘change’ that Graham hopes for, to improve services and value for tax-payers’ money, will only come in Worthing if the majority of our Worthing residents turn out to vote at the next local election.

Worthing’s decline certainly needs to be halted.

It is important to vote in the local elections and to choose your candidate carefully, because the person who wins will be your representative in your area for the next four years.

If you care about the community where you live, vote for a councillor who cares, too.

Every vote is valuable if it’s a vote for the best for Worthing. It is your vote, it is your choice .

Yvonne Leonard

Madeira Avenue


Editor’s note: apologies for the production error which led to Mr Forshaw’s letter appearing twice, though we are pleased it has led to further discussion on the subject.