Change of hospital

I AM afraid I must take issue with Roger Steel (Herald latters July 21) over the move to Southlands.

The hospital is not easy to get to by public transport – unless you live in walking distance, you will need a bus.

There are, I understand, two buses an hour, plus the 9 from Worthing.

Although people near Southlands will have only an hourly service, the services from Shoreham run every 10 minutes to the seafront from where you can walk or get the Pulse, which again runs every 10 minutes.

Obviously, there should be regular clinics at Southlands with the main unit at Worthing.

That would give the very best service to everyone.

It should also be added that my consultant did say I might wish to travel to Chichester Hospital as there is a unit there.

To make such a suggestion shows how consultants do not live in the real world.

S. D. Humphreys

Meadow Road