Changing to meet modern-day needs

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AS a regular visitor to Worthing, I am impressed by how the town is changing to meet the needs of the 21st century whilst retaining its own unique character.

The decision to allow shared pedestrian and cycle use on the prom is a good example.

The revamped Splash Point with its crazy golf course at the eastern end is now easily reachable by a short cycle ride along the Prom to the playground at the western end.

These individual small changes all add up to one big change and have turned Worthing into an ideal seaside destination.

It is only a shame that the cycle route stops at George V Avenue.

It would be wonderful to link up along the seafront with the Sea Lane café and beyond.

You only have to look eastwards at the route between Brighton and Hove (and along the Undercliff all the way to Rottingdean) to see how opening up a seafront cycle route has brought places closer together.

There is already a path along the beach at this point.

It just needs to be widened so as to properly accommodate both cyclists and pedestrians. This would be a valuable asset to the town which would attract visitors in from the western end.

Who knows, it could even link up with Littlehampton?

Peter Silburn

Parsonage Road