Checks are essential

WHILE I feel sorry for the worry being caused to Mr Saunders (Herald front page story, October 13), it is essential that checks are made.

We have all seen the cases in the newspapers of people claiming benefit when they are fully fit.

Mr Saunders will have received a long form which his carer should fill in. He also needs to ask his doctor to write a letter detailing his problems and whether the doctor feels he can work. He may still have to have an assessment but he does get mobility allowance (presumably) which is to enable him to take taxis where necessary.

I am sure that he will get his allowances for as long as is necessary, but because of some cheats and others being giving help where none is needed, he has to go through the system and the worry.

Hopefully, he has been given the correct advice and his doctor is writing to the authorities and by the time this is published he will feel better and have been given the assurance that he does not need to worry.

S. Humphreys

Meadow Road