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I am annoyed by 20’s Plenty for Worthing having the hypocrisy to accuse the 20’s Pointless campaign of being misleading. The latter has always been honest in its campaign.

Their campaign is aimed at people who are incapable of thinking beyond, “it is better to be hit at 20 than 30mph”, rather than what the actual effect of the 20 limit will be.

They use cherry-picked figures to try to justify it and claim all sorts of mythical benefits. Their website has an illustration showing that KSI accidents are “only the tip of an iceberg.”

They show the bottom of the iceberg as the biggest part. It comprises children’s restricted freedom, adults/children too scared to cycle, obesity epidemic, elderly too afraid to cross roads, traffic noise stopping conversation, lack of trust and neighbourliness.

Let us consider this. Obviously children should be restricted until they have enough road sense to be safe and realise that roads are not playgrounds.

Cyclists too nervous to use main roads can reach anywhere in Worthing on the very safe residential roads. Nowhere in Worthing are communities severed by busy roads.

There are plenty of crossing places for elderly people. Nowhere in Worthing does traffic noise stop conversation. Driving at less than 20 mph wouldn’t cure obesity. Lack of trust and neighbourliness being cured by a 20 limit is utter rubbish. However, a worrying number of gullible people have been misled by this nonsense.

Chris Gould

Georgia Avenue,


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