Church still active

IN response to the letter from Pat Moor (Herald April 21), I do not understand why she would think it sad to see church buildings close when she feels that only those with vivid imaginations retain a belief in God.

Surely she would be relieved to see an apparent decline in church activity, if she thought this was due to an increasing understanding of the true origins of man?

Or did she really just see an opportunity to promote her own beliefs?

I think it takes great faith to believe everything came from nothing when life shows us that everything must come from something, whether cars, houses, clothes or art.

The theory of evolution has yet to be proved and many scientists dispute it. There are also many scientists who believe God created the universe. As for 2,000 years of Christian “belief” coming to an end: there are hundreds of millions of Christians around the world today – in fact billions claim to believe in Jesus. A conservative estimate puts the number of Christians in China alone at 70 million.

Here in the UK, Christians who attend church regularly still account for at least five per cent of the population.

I am not sad that old church buildings are being closed. Faith is not a matter of tradition but of belief. The church is living and active and meeting this Sunday in dozens of locations within a mile radius of your address, Ms Moor.

Tony Stubbs

Bruce Avenue