Cinema complaint

A FEW days ago, my husband and I went to see The Help at the Connaught Cinema.

Unfortunately, it was not easy to follow the film as the sound quality was so poor. If I had not already read the book I think it would have been quite difficult to follow the story.

We are not hard of hearing, and even taking into consideration the Southern accents of the actors, it was almost impossible to hear some of the conversations.

We were not the only ones to notice this: we spoke to another person who had found it equally difficult, and she said it had been the same when she had been to see the film Jane Eyre.

A group of about eight people spoke to an official in the foyer afterwards, also complaining of the poor sound quality of the film.

I hope this situation will improve in the future, or the cinema may become as empty as it was on Monday afternoon.

Mrs E. Ellis

Harwood Avenue