Cinema secret

I WAS sorry to hear of Sherrie Price’s bad experience when going to the Odeon, Brighton (Herald letters, December 23). A little (unfortunately poorly publicised) local knowledge would have saved her a lot of anguish and money.

She says the Russell car park cost her £20. It seems NCP is even more mercenary there than in Worthing. If she had used the Cannon car park (located below Churchill Square), she would have had to pay only £1 per hour. Furthermore, for any film starting after 5.30pm, the first three hours there are free to Odeon customers.

Parking may still be easier and always free at the Marina cinema, but the tickets are more expensive, the sound quality is not as good and, more importantly, as her baby gets older, she will find the seating layout to be very poor.

Brian Steele

Shirley Drive