Clarifications on town folklore

FOLLOWING on from your excellent article on local folklore, there are a couple of points I need to clarify.

We don’t know for sure that there was a legend of a dragon in East Worthing, but we do know that there was a pond called Nucker Hole Brook in the vicinity of the current Brookdean Road.

Nucker is an old Sussex for a deep pond associated with dragons, near Arundel, there is the well known account of the dragon that lived in the Nucker Hole at Lyminister, so it seems reasonable to assume that Worthing’s Nucker Hole Brook was once associated with a dragon, too.

Lady de Gex lived in the ancient and once grand surroundings of Offington Hall.

Her dogs and their “servant” lived in the old cottage. Offington Hall, sadly, was demolished 50 years ago.

Readers might like to know that they can join in with the Midsummer Tree celebrations this year on Saturday, June 23.

There will be a picnic at Tenants Hill in the early evening, after which we will be adjourning to the Cricketers, prior to gathering at the tree just before midnight.

Details can by found at the Worthing Downlanders website

Chris Hare

Sussex Road