Clean your mess

The fields at the base of Cissbury Ring near the Coombe Rise car park are used by numerous dog walkers, including myself.

Whilst most clean up after their dogs there are a number that do not.

This includes somebody who regularly allows his/her dog to leave a large heap in the twitten that leads from the car park to The Heights.

A few weeks ago, the dog warden posted some notices highlighting the problem.

Much to my disgust, I have noticed that some interfering busybody, presumably one of the perpetrators, has seen fit to remove the notices.

This is a part of the South Downs National Park and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The school holidays will start next week and, if the fine weather continues, people will want to take their children to walk and picnic on the Downs, where they can enjoy the freedom that is so much denied to them nowadays.

Not only is this dog waste unsightly but it stinks and must also constitute a health hazard.

I would, therefore, ask all dog walkers to clean up.

There are plenty of bins in the area and it is your indolence that gets all dog walkers a bad name.

Margaret Perrett

The Heights

Findon Valley