Clinics at both is more cost effective

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WEST Sussex PCT appears to be discussing which clinics to have at which hospital – Southlands and Worthing.

Why can’t the same clinics be held at both, on different days?

If plans go ahead, patients will have to travel either from the east across to Worthing, or from the west across to Southlands. Where is the logic in this, when in many instances, patients may live in walking distance or a short bus ride from their nearest hospital?

Surely, it is more cost-efficient and (that dreaded expression) environmentally friendly, for each consultant to travel between the hospitals to run a clinic, rather than possibly dozens of patients having to travel back and forth in their cars?

It would be nice if patients’ needs were considered first in this situation. At the moment, it seems to be more slanted to suit the consultants’ convenience.

Rosemary Dinning

Russell Close