Closing the crossing? Madness

I HAVE just found out that West Worthing railway crossing gates are going to be closed for eight weeks for the installation of new traffic lights.

The closure is 24 hours a day, seven days a week and has been organised by West Sussex County Council.

This is madness.

The railway gates are an enormous source of congestion without the need to find a different route, which will either be over Shaftesury Avenue bridge, Broadwater Bridge or more likely along Becket/Pavilion Road, which is fully parked with cars both sides which leaves a single carriageway.

Presumably, the buses will have to travel along this road also, instead of their normal route of crossing the railway and travelling along Tarring Road. Travelling over the railway line is going to cause enormous problems.

On talking to one of the council workmen inspecting the site (there were nine of them!), he told me pedestrians will still be able to cross the gates and said that people could park their cars and walk to the local shops, etc. Parking in the West Worthing area? Where? It is already completely full with residents’, commuters’ cars, etc.

Why can’t these works take place at night? Why does it take eight weeks to install traffic lights? I am assuming the council will dig up the road, remove the lights and then leave the site for weeks with no one working at all. This seems to be their normal practice.

Sometimes I despair.

Shelagh Morton

Downview Road