Closure questions

MR J. Harris, in last week’s Herald, asks why the gaps in the central reservation of The Boulevard are to be closed.

Mr Harris notes “there have been no injury accidents in the last three years” and “the closures would mean traffic being diverted on to the roundabouts at each end where there is already a history of personal accident injury”.

As the local county councillor and a local resident with a good knowledge of the area, I totally agree with him.

I recently surveyed local residents and a total of 67 voted to keep them open whilst just 24 wanted them closed.

The committee was told that closure would add up to 1,000 extra vehicle movements onto these roundabouts. In my presentation, I acknowledged that turning right through the gaps has an element of danger, but the roundabouts at each end have a much greater danger. For that reason I just couldn’t support the closure.

To support my decision, I read out a statement by a retired police superintendent, who in recent years was in charge of accident prevention and investigation. He is also a long-term local resident.

He stated that “he cannot recall having seen a location which had less justification for action to be taken, than the one which has been submitted in respect of The Boulevard”.

Four local residents who attended the meeting each spoke out against the closure. However, it was a committee decision and five, including a non-driver, chose to ignore the evidence and residents’ wishes and voted to close them. One other and I, however, voted against closure.

Robin Rogers

Northbrook division councillor

High Street