Coach station

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Worthing Union Coach Station.

This will be the best opportunity for our town to have its own coach and bus station.

Situated on the site of the former police station all town buses could be removed from South Street, which could then be pedestrianised in line with Montague Street all the way up to Scadgells store.

The car park to the east of the site would be ideal for taxis and a station meeting point and drop off.

Within the station should be the tourist and town enquiry centre.

This would probably be the best chance in years to have this to come to fuition and would be beneficial to all concerned.

Bernard Jefford

Littlehampton Road


Enforce the law

I read that a cycle lane is being requested on the promenade.

This should prove an easy job as the old lines are still clearly visible. However, why bother? Last Sunday, I lost count of the dogs on the beach without leads.

a) No doubt the signs are too high for them to read – ‘May to September, no dogs on beach’.

b) Whilst reading a sign by the Yacht Club – ‘No cycling £30 fine’ – several cyclists whizzed past.

c) I have seen cyclists riding in Montague Street, which is pedestrians only.

So I advise Worthing Borough Council to save their money as no one will take any notice of any expensive signs until they pay an enforcer of the law.

A little old lady saying, “Haven’t you read the sign?” is not really good enough.

Ann Millin

Bath Road