Cold is the peril

Julia Owen (Herald letters November 14) seems to believe that human life will become extinct on this planet as it becomes uninhabitable from global warming.

All the dire warnings about climate change over the past 20 years or so have failed to materialise.

The earth’s temperature has been quite stable for the past 17 years in spite of the vast increase in emissions as the world population increases and whilst China and India industrialise at an amazing rate, building two or three new fossil fuel power stations every month.

The earth’s ‘end by’ date predicted by the climate warming scientists has passed several times and we still soldier on.

The scientists’ models are deeply flawed and even they are beginning to admit that they really do not know what is happening. The Arctic Polar ice cap is now expanding and the polar bears are actually doing very well!

The costs of ‘green’ measures are driving up our fuel and energy costs to the extent that it is driving many into poverty, especially the elderly and it leaves them having to make the choice between eating and heating, along with all sorts or green initiatives that are an intolerable burden on our economy.

The real peril that faces us is the cold. Few will remember, as it is now many years ago, how we experienced freezing winters as cold as those of 1948 and 1962, but the probabilities are that such winters will occur again.

If this should happen, many – especially the poorer, elderly and vulnerable will not be able to afford to heat their homes – as well as facing power cuts because of the green policies of closing adequately functioning fossil fuel power stations. The misery and loss of life could be incalculable.

David Chapman

Wiston Avenue