Comments a little misguided

I feel Mr Barkes is a little bit lost in his comments about our sportsmen and women and the new year’s honours.

His argument about Bradley Wiggins is something I would expect in a playground.

“He can pedal really fast”, “he has spectacular sideburns”, “lucky enough to have money...”, “hardly a massive contribution to humanity”.

This is something I would expect from a 12-year-old who can’t be bothered to find out the facts.

Some facts from the LSE directly related to the success of team GB Cycling.

In London alone, cycling went up by nine per cent last year.

Cycling across the county is set to grow by seven per cent every year.

Although mainly male dominated, 65,000 woman took up regular cycling last year (Sport England stat).

LSE state that the impact of cycling on your health will save the UK economy £128million a year.

One million more cyclists were added to the road last year adding £141million to the UK economy.

A 12-mile trip in an average family car, done five times a week, pumps out 967kg of C02.

People have been inspired by the brilliance of athletes such as Sir Bradley Wiggins and Sir Chris Hoy.

They have dedicated their lives to achieving the pinnacle of excellence, and they did not do it because their families were rich.

Yes, there are probably millions of deserving people, but Wiggo has and will touch the lives of millions.

Ken Livingstone turned his down because he did not do the hard work, he facilitated it.

Bradley Wiggins put in the hard work and dedicated his whole life to be the best.

Sean Byrne

Eastcourt Road,