Common sense

Please thank Bill Geddes for his letter questioning Paul Yallop, Conservative council Leader, about his suggestion that fewer traffic wardens would help resolve the excessive parking fees, over which the county currently have control. 

Having read that and the article the following week about Sharon Clarke’s idea for spending £11,000 for a sand pit in the town centre, I was beginning to think that senility had finally set in and my cognitive powers were out of touch with the needs of modern life. 

How will cutting wardens and a sand pit help our local business and leisure facilities survive?

Has the council researched why the town’s shops and entertainments venues are poorly supported?

People do like Worthing, except for the parking fees.

Worthing needs to be affordable to enable people to spend time shopping, eating, enjoying the entertainment and leisure activities including the beach and the pier, the sand playground and the water play fountain at Splash Point and very soon the new swimming pool.

Worthing Town Centre Initiative money could subsidise retailers to issue free parking discs for car parks near the town in return for purchases, introduce reduced or free parking for cinema, theatre, special events, and periodically at weekends.

Let’s welcome back our visitors and make our town a vibrant, happy place again.

I live near to town, and find it heartbreaking watching Worthing withering.

Yvonne Leonard

Madeira Avenue