Commuter fury

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Your letters

Commuters’ patience were tested once again on Tuesday, 11th February as the popular 7.47am from West Worthing to London Victoria was badly delayed due to “a major police attendance incident” at Lancing.

Southern gave no further information to carriages of angry passengers.

The train conductor of this particular service then announced that the service would terminate at East Croydon, abandoning many passengers scheduled to arrive at London Victoria.

The quality of service on our railway has fallen within the last year as rail prices soar to a record high in recent months.

A typical monthly season ticket from Chichester to Haywards Heath costs in excess of £200. Is this acceptable? The service I have received from Southern Rail is disgusting. I have been commuting now for over five years and in that time the quality has got worse and worse each year. The excuses given are now a joke and the railway in this part of the South East is now a laughing stock. How can they be allowed to keep putting up their prices and continue to provide such bad service!

Daniel De Conceicao Silva

Heene Road,


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