Concerns about ‘divebombing’ aircraft over Littlehampton


Am I the only person who is getting both fed up with and concerned about small aircraft flying over Littlehampton only to start looping, diving, engine cutting out, etc., right over the area from East Preston to West Littlehampton?

Whilst some of it is over the sea, a lot is over the built-up area and being carried out by ordinary (especially Sunday) pilots, not experts with specially made aircraft.

It’s one thing to have to put up with the sounds of ‘divebombing’ or the sudden silence of an engine cut-out, reminiscent of a doodlebug, but this time with an engine restart rather then an explosion. However, it will take only one of them to make a small error and the results could be catastrophic.

As with driving on the roads, there must be rules and regulations about what a pilot can and cannot do.

It’s impossible to see the plane numbering on the side of the craft without a telephoto lens, but there must be some way to find out who the idiots are. Perhaps an investigation by your reporters would be appropriate before a disaster occurs.

Richard Saunders

Capstan Drive, Littlehampton


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