Concrete evidence

MR Kay, in his letter in last week’s Herald, I believe is falsifying the facts when he says 70-80 per cent of people are in favour of a 20mph scheme.

I for one have never accepted statistics because they can be manipulated to suit the purpose.

I challenge Mr Kay to survey residents in my road and ask if 20mph is appropriate or better policing of the 30mph limit would cut speed.

However, I do believe there is a case for 20mph on some roads in Worthing where they are narrow and certainly in the vicinity of schools.

Serving on two local community groups, we have discussed the idea and have decided it will not work to any effect and that is confirmed by the police who are not in favour of a large scale scheme, as they could not possibly enforce it.

What we need is more enforcement of current limits and educating all road users, drivers, cyclists and walkers. Speed does kill but walking across the road using a mobile phone, for example, is dangerous. Would cycling along pavements that can frighten the elderly cease, expect not.

Sorry, Mr Kay, we need the concrete evidence that the people of Worthing want a 20mph scheme.

Phillip Ellis

Alinora Avenue

Goring by Sea