Confusion reigns

I would like to respond to the letter from Kay Beer entitled “It’s bureaucracy” in The Herald of December 12, where she claims she was given a PCN for not hanging her parking voucher on her rear view mirror.

I can confirm Worthing Council does not insist on this method of display; however, we do insist that the voucher displayed should be valid for where a vehicle is parked.

This was the offence actually made as her vehicle was parked in a “Pay & Display” only bay and she was displaying a Resident Visitor permit not valid in that area.

Interestingly also, the lady says she purchased the vouchers from the Parking Shop but gives her address as Billingshurst, this is not possible, they will only sell Resident Visitor vouchers to customers in the Zone where they live on providing evidence of address in that zone, I would be interested to know how she acquired the voucher.

So, all in all, I too am baffled and frustrated, and far from bureaucracy it is just the council trying to keep some parking spaces clear for people who live in the town as well as providing adequate facilities for visitors who wish to spend their cash with the town centre traders.

If the lady disagrees with any of the above, or would like further explanation, I invite her to email me at

Clive Roberts

cabinet Member for leisure and environment

Worthing Council